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Originally Posted by CameraQuest View Post
......I wonder how it will take Nikon to get a competitive high end mirrorless camera as well as other profitable new products to market.

They have most of the parts already done.

They have a stable of great glass in production and years of wonderful F mount lenses that could be leveraged.

There's a bit of UI that needs to be developed with respect to EVFs. This is where the camera will either be a wild success or massive failure. They need to focus on speed of use for manual controls, simplicity for the basics, get the damn cameras linked to an iPhone app to set controls. Have settings saved in the iPhone that are quick to call up.

They have such a strong stable of flash technology and such that would be built into EVERY camera. Imagine the Coolpix A that could control a flash setup the same way as a D5 can? Again, use an iPhone to control this sort of thing. What a wonderful way to lock users into the Nikon family better.

Figure out a somewhat different design to leverage the depth of the F mount. Don't just stick the lens way out there on a tube by itself, looks matter. Is there a reason we need to keep the left side of the camera sticking out as there is no more 35mm cassette to put in there?

Perhaps make a set of lenses that paint the way the old glass from the 1950's did and sell them as Artistic.

Anyone else have any ideas?

B2 (;->
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