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Mad genius Miyazaki-san, the man behind MS Optics, snapped by me on September 3rd, 2010 - the day I first met him. I'd dropped by to get an S-mount W-Nikkor 35/1.8 he'd just converted to M-mount for me adjusted. He had just finished assembling his first Perar 35mm 3.5 on that bench right there when I walked in, and he handed it to me to try. This pic was taken with that lens on an Epson RD-1s. Yes yes, digital, and this is a film photo thread, but since its a pic of the man himself I'm sure you can make an exception

I took that Perar home that day without paying for it. Miyazaki-san said I could wire the money to him later if I liked it, or just send it back if I didn't.

Interestingly, he practically begged me to become a dealer for him that day. I declined, but his offer certainly surprised me, as one particular dealer at the time seemed to think he had an exclusive arrangement with Miyazaki-san. Something must have gotten lost in translation between them as Miyazaki-san certainly didn't think so, and he was taking on new dealers left, right, and center soon after

MS Optical Miyazaki-san by Jon, on Flickr
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