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Originally Posted by BillBlackwell View Post
Re-posted from PN -

Not that I have a particularly great track record predicting Leica's 'top secret' new products, but I have one anyway.

Within the next 4-months (by the end of January 2019) Leica will introduce the 'next gen' successor to the SL - the SL-2.

Specs will (minimally) include:
* > 40mp FF sensor;
* 4k 60p video;
* A sleeker, less edgy, mirrorless body;
* ISO topping out at ~50,000.
* Release price will be set at ~$7,495 USD.

So there you go. ...

Will be looking forward to it. Maye Roger will get one at Lens Rentals that I can rent.

BTW, I just read on TOP that Panasonic, Leica and Sigma are joining to produce a new mirrorless camera with the SL lens mount. Maybe there would be a Foveon sensor to go along with that.
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