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Originally Posted by Archiver View Post
While we're all speculating on the eve of Photokina announcements, it will be interesting to see how much of Panasonic's full frame camera is in a new SL, and vice versa. Very unlikely to be a direct rebrand like the lower end PanaLeicas, but it may share some internal circuitry or mechanisms like autofocus.

Interestingly, a metadata dump from an X Vario image revealed the word, 'Panasonic', and the X Vario is supposed to be a 'pure' Leica camera. So Leica has already been using some form of Panasonic technology in its own cameras, apart from the rebrands.

We shall see!
Add onto this how much of the new 64MP Leica S3 trickles into the new SL.

All the Crons that have been released or will be released in the future are all APO, even the wides. Very-very highly corrected glass. My 50 Lux-SL seems to be the only fast prime that is not APO.

The Panasonic "S" and S1 are pretty crazy.


POSTSCRIPT: Leica Rumors sent me an updated Leica SL lens roadmap. In 2020 they expect to release an APO 21 Cron, an APO 24 Cron, and an APO 28 Cron. The size looks to be the same E67 filter size and the same size as the released APO 75 Cron.
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