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Originally Posted by Freakscene View Post
DD-X and TMax/RS are nothing like Xtol, chemically or tonally.

This: is almost identical in performance to Xtol. It differs chemically in several ways, but itís definitely worth trying.

There are a lot of ascorbate liquid developers you can make yourself from formulae online. I only ever saw one, the late John Blackís JB9, however, which used a buffered weak alkali. Xtol gets a lot of its performance from ascorbate, but thinking you can mix anything, or put some vitamin c in Rodinal and have an acceptable Xtol substitute is just dreaming. Strong alkalis will activate the ascorbate, but the developer performance is very different to Xtol.

Moersch Eco is as liquid isoascorbate based developer the most similar to XTOL. Main difference in my experience is that XTOL is a bit finer grained, and Moersch Eco is a bit sharper.
What I don't like about XTOL is that mixing it up takes so long. Dissolving it in 20-25įc water (as recommended) is a slow process and needs lots of stirring for a long time. Quite nerve-wracking.
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