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Originally Posted by Skiff View Post
Moersch Eco is as liquid isoascorbate based developer the most similar to XTOL. Main difference in my experience is that XTOL is a bit finer grained, and Moersch Eco is a bit sharper.
This seems to be because the Moersch Eco is slightly more alkaline and isn’t quite as well buffered, but this also means that it has better capacity and enhausts more slowly. Xtol becomes more alkaline with more dilution, but Eco doesn’t do that as markedly. I like both.

Originally Posted by Skiff View Post
What I don't like about XTOL is that mixing it up takes so long. Dissolving it in 20-25c water (as recommended) is a slow process and needs lots of stirring for a long time. Quite nerve-wracking.
I use a magnetic lab stirrer. I start with 30C water, set the magnetic stirrer to the fastest speed that doesn’t vortex, and come back in half an hour. You can buy non-heating versions on various websites cheaply.

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