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Originally Posted by Orbiter View Post
The reference to Moersch Eco is very helpful. I wrote to Freestyle to see if they could sell me some (currently they aren’t handling it) and they think they can special order it from Germany. If anyone else is also interested in it I’d suggest you email them.
I think Moersch will also ship it to you. It is not DG classified for shipping. This may not make a difference, however, given that a lot of companies won't ship liquids at all anymore.

Originally Posted by Orbiter View Post
By the way, here’s the response I received from them when I asked about liquid developers similar to Xtol:
“Unfortunately, there aren't really any liquid developers that looks like XTOL. Both XTOL and EcoPro/LegacyPro film developers are ascorbic acid type of developers. Once ascorbic acid comes in contact with water, it deteriorates faster than other film developer ingredient.“
The answer to the problem is in their reply - don't use water as the solvent for the developer stock. You can use triethanolamine or glycols. With enough heat almost all developing agents will dissolve in these organic solvents. Finding one that has low enough viscosity to facilitate handling can be difficult, and it is almost impossible to make a buffered alkali solution as a component of a single solution. This is why ECO is a two part liquid developer - the alkali is separate.

Originally Posted by Orbiter View Post
So thanks again for suggesting Moersch Eco.
You are welcome. If you manage to get some, let us know how you go.


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