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Originally Posted by Freakscene View Post
The main thing I found when I worked with a replenishment system was that the only way that replenishment is worthwhile is if you are developing a lot of film (10+ roll/week minimum - i.e. using it all the time) and that the decrease in sharpness with replenishment/seasoning didnít make up, for me, for the even finer grain it gave compared to dilute Xtol used once. I used a 15L replenished Xtol dip-and-dunk system with nitrogen burst agitation for a long time when working in a commercial lab, but never tried to do it for myself. Even if you make up 5L of Xtol and follow the re-use instructions, you need to use it quickly.
I tried replenished Xtol for small-scale development (less than ten films a week) but found a significant speed loss after a while. This is seldom mentioned by the exponents of replenishment and I figured it was probably due to the by-products of the development process. Is this speed loss to be expected or maybe a fault with my technique?
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