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Originally Posted by lawrence View Post
Thanks to both of you for your comments, which clarify what could have gone wrong. I did follow the adjusted times for seasoned developer, the density of the highlights was OK but with a definite loss of shadow detail. Clearly replenishment is not for everyone and perhaps unnecessary outside a processing lab environment.

I don't see any point to replenishment in a home darkroom. The labs do it to save money, but developer is so cheap in the volumes that a hobbyist would use that it really makes no sense to bother with replenishing.

I don't shoot film as much as I used to because of my health issues, but back when I was shooting BW film heavily, I bet I still spent less per year on developer than I spend each week on fuel for my car.

One shot developing means you have fresh developer for every roll you develop. No speed loss, quality is consistent roll-to-roll, and no hassles with having to add the right amount of replenisher per roll developed.
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