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Originally Posted by Chriscrawfordphoto View Post
I don't see any point to replenishment in a home darkroom. The labs do it to save money, but developer is so cheap in the volumes that a hobbyist would use that it really makes no sense to bother with replenishing.

I don't shoot film as much as I used to because of my health issues, but back when I was shooting BW film heavily, I bet I still spent less per year on developer than I spend each week on fuel for my car.

One shot developing means you have fresh developer for every roll you develop. No speed loss, quality is consistent roll-to-roll, and no hassles with having to add the right amount of replenisher per roll developed.

Very good point. Replenishment is completely unnecessary in the home dark room. The cost savings is minimal. Ilford DD-X is a great developer and was my go to chemical for when I wanted XTOL like results.
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