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Originally Posted by traveler_101 View Post
I have been watching M prices increase pretty steadily over the past few years, but that seems particularly the case for the M6 - for some reason. At the same time the M7 seems reasonable in price -certainly when you consider it is newer and has a semi-automatic mode.

Right now in the RFF classifieds - $1700 asking price for a M6 (sold), and $2000 for a M7. Why?
Asking prices are just that...

M6 Classic prices hovered in the $1000 range, plus or minus, for many years, going back to the early 2000s. I bought and sold many. The TTL was about $200 higher.

It's only recently there has been a spike.

And I bought a ZI off this site for $800 or so, back in 2008, or thereabouts. Boxed, limited edition!

How about the black Contax T3 I sold for $700, they are now going for $1500+.

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