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Originally Posted by Pioneer View Post
Likewise my ZI. I absolutely love my MA and the refined feel of that awesome shutter. But when the light is difficult, I am indoors, or I just need to get the exposure right, the ZI is the one that I use.

Besides, that viewfinder is absolutely amazing!
I don't know what "ZI" is - Zeiss Ikon from before the war or what?

Leica M-A -$4,695.00 (B&H)

Leica M7 - No Longer Available (B&H), but can be had new here in Norway for 42,999 NOK or roughly $5000 US which includes a handsome 25% sales tax;

Faced with this choice I don't see why I should take a less capable camera for roughly the same price when I can get semi-automatic mode in an equally good camera. You know what I mean?

Someone said get the Konica. So I looked it up - heck the thing has automatic advance and rewind. Unnecessary and that is real vulnerability to breakdown.
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