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Almost everything in this filtered list of completed auctions meets those criteria. I have some of the usual suspects and have tried many more, and I'd recommend all of them for different purposes.

Can you tell me more about what you intend to do?

I looked at your IG, and I see you really like rangefinders (duh), and you sold off a Fujifilm GA645zi several years ago. I take it the automation and motors weren't doing it for you?

Going off of those clues, I'd recommend the Fujica GS645S since it doesn't have bellows, or any of the Fuji 6x9/6x8/6x7 cameras. I really enjoy the GW690III and GSW690III, and I liked the GL690 that I used to have. They're very solid feeling, more so than the GF670. I'd also look at the Mamiya Universal Press cameras and the like.

If it were up to me, I'd look at bellows cameras, too. Lots of great options.
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