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As always, thanks for sharing the article and your thoughts. I have to agree it's a rather tasteless to publish with that tone. Perhaps they could have recreated the lab and run some tests, been more scientific. Over agitation seems more plausible than over heating in drying, but that's me. We've always had a lot of second guessers and one of the bad parts of the internet is now we get to hear more of them.

When we were DINKs (double income no kids) some years back Linda and I bought a couple of Eisenstaedt prints. I remember looking at the Marlene Dietrich picture (1928) and while I liked the picture was surprised at the lack of clarity compared to others. I don't remember if it was slight movement or if it was optics and frankly to me it doesn't make a difference, it's still a great picture. First wave, third wave, it matters not, IMHO he put his life on the line and helped us understand a bit of what thousands went through. Two thumbs way up and a big thank you to him and everyone to did what they did.

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