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Thein makes some good points, and I've observed the effects and done the balancing act he describes. I appreciate the look of medium format, both film and digital. But MF is not always what I choose to take out shooting!

When out shooting with "lesser" gear, you may not expect as high image quality and thus be less careful in the process. And then of course the resulting image quality isn't so good.

Several decades ago, living within walking distance of a state university, I took some classes for the fun of it mostly in the Art Dept, including photography. I would often shoot Minolta CLE or Pentax 35mm and 6x7. I also had Pentax Auto 110 gear and set out to see how good it could be. I was careful in shooting, meticulous in developing and printing in my home darkroom. I wanted to see if the prof and fellow students would ask anything about the film format, but none ever did. So my 8x10 prints from 110 were "good enough" for purpose!

An interesting exercise, but there was less flexibility and versatility in this particular balancing act.
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