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Originally Posted by burninfilm View Post
So out of curiosity, does anyone know of another Kickstarter with a longer history?

2013 - The Robotech RPG Tactics game was successfully funded (for 1.4 million dollars!) .....pretty much turned into a **** show from that point.
For months, years even, Palladium books kept saying "Everything's fine, you'll get all your stuff"
Until March 2018, Harmony Gold got fed up and pulled Palladium Books' license.
Palladium says "All the money is gone, Sorry, can't offer refunds"
These *******s still owe me and some 5500 people a LOT of money but the BBB and the AG doen't seem to want to do much about it.

Ferrania owes me 2 rolls of their slide film. In the last update they said they will be offering a way to exchange the KS rewards for some P30 film, which I'll probably take them up on.
I'm glad to have helped them get started.
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