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Originally Posted by burninfilm View Post
Hmmm... yes, it was very ambitious. Still, it's very obvious now that they either vastly under-estimated (and I mean a MASSIVE amount of under-estimating) what it would take to get things up and running, or simply over-represented their abilities by a huge amount. Their original pitch was for 4 different formats of color reversal film by April 2015, and nearly 4 years later, they haven't even made a market-ready batch of quality 35mm (the only format they are focused on right now) black & white negative film.

There are lots of things that can be picked apart about what they've been doing the last 5 years, but... up to December of 2018 they still seemed like they were trying!

Since then, it's not like this is the 1st time they've gone silent for extended lengths of time... they've done this before... only to come back with more reasons why things got delayed. Maybe this time it will be different???
If your interest in actually understanding the timeline of the Ferrania project is sincere, you would do well to read the two longest threads on the subject over at, alias APUG, as it seems you haven’t. There are detailed descriptions from factory representation of exactly what has transpired to delay production. The simple truth is that they did not over represent anything. “Underestimating what it would take to get things up and running” is a fair assessment, but only in hindsight, as no one could have predicted a couple of huge issues they had in regard to the existing infrastructure. The information is out there for anyone who cares to look, but most of it isn’t on the kickstarter page.

This isn’t a massively funded corporate behemoth like Fuji. It is, from all available evidence, essentially a passion project by handful of “believers” who have patiently persevered in the face of setbacks, massive and niggling, in an effort give the film world something they believe in. It would be nice if the armchair industrialists would cut them some slack, but that would be countercultural.

The future is unknown, but I personally wouldn’t be surprised if they eventually produce some color transparency film, but guessing it won’t be anytime soon. Personally, sitting over here in the cheap seats, I’m grateful for their efforts, and P30 (I scan), and wish them well.
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