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Originally Posted by jawarden View Post
Stated another, equally valid way, "The complete lack of anything approaching a normal density curve from P30 is a real opportunity if you are wet printing."

I'm hoping for the best outcome with Ferrania and wish them well. I especially want to play with 120 format P30 - I have a Brownie from the turn of the century and it would be good creative fun to pair that low contrast lens with high contrast P30 and see what happens in the darkroom.
Contrasty prints will happen. I shot P30 with ancient uncoated lenses and developed both film and paper in low contrast developers. Grade 00 prints still looked like grade 4, even shooting in extremely flat light. Though better than some of the Washi offerings, P30 is not really suited to anything but high contrast wet prints unless one wants to shoot it at iso 6 and pull the heck out of it.
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