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Originally Posted by Freakscene View Post
All these look to me like the wet print equivalent of a starting point for a scan - too flat both in the shadows and highlights.
That's effectively what they are as I said in my post, a starting point that was taken no further, which I often do to get something bigger than a contact print to review but without too much labor or paper. There are no blacks, whites, dodging or burning.

Originally Posted by Freakscene View Post

The problem with P40 is flexibility. If you want to make photos that look however the materials make them turn out, fine. You can make images that look like those you posted with film with a normal curve by modifying the exposure and development, and printing them this way. But you can't make photos taken with P40 have normal shadow and highlight values and contrast without an extraordinary amount of work, so you can't match existing work or tailor it to match the contrast curves of different families of paper.
I shared those images because I keep reading comments that are not what I'm seeing, i.e. printing at 00 and seeing grade 4 results, needing to shoot at iso6, getting nothing but blown highlights and blank shadows, etc. A newcomer to this forum could be forgiven for expecting this film to produce nothing but blacks and whites. That's not the case on the film or on the paper.

Your points about matching past work and various papers is taken, and of course if this is a primary issue then this isn't the film that a concerned photographer should use, in the same way that you wouldn't use a Holga to match your past Leica work I suppose. If you need a flexible, normal film there are plenty in the marketplace already, but I don't think Ferrania is selling that unless I've missed claims from them. I think they're selling a particular look similar to their films from the 1960s. I'd need more than three rolls to explore that idea properly. If they make more I'll buy some and have fun with it.

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