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It's interesting to hear about the other crazy long Kickstarters. The Star Citizen one sounds insane!!!

Originally Posted by Larry Cloetta View Post
If your interest in actually understanding the timeline of the Ferrania project is sincere, you would do well to read the two longest threads on the subject over at, alias APUG, as it seems you haven’t. There are detailed descriptions from factory representation of exactly what has transpired to delay production. The simple truth is that they did not over represent anything. “Underestimating what it would take to get things up and running” is a fair assessment, but only in hindsight, as no one could have predicted a couple of huge issues they had in regard to the existing infrastructure. The information is out there for anyone who cares to look, but most of it isn’t on the kickstarter page.
I have already read those threads. Guess I just got something different out of them. I've been reading them since they first started. I'm well aware of all of the issues they cite as reasons for the delays. If you really read through them, you start to see some inconsistencies. There is absolutely a 0% chance they would have ever delivered on their 1st schedule even if they had been able to make that 1st batch of color reversal film. Maybe they simply weren't aware of exactly how much work the LRF needed.

It's somewhat odd that they keep trying to get backers to take a 1:1 swap of color reversal film awards for P30. The value of a roll of B&W film and color reversal E6 film is very different. Kodak's pricing for Ektachrome 100 is about $14 a roll, while TMAX 100 is about $6 a roll. I assume Ferrania will have a similar pricing range if they ever get their color reversal film on the market. From that viewpoint, a 2:1 swap would be more appropriate. I'm really curious to see what their idea of a "credit" for backers will be in their online store.

I also don't like the statement from Film Ferrania that the money from the Kickstarter was ONLY for the machinery. That isn't true. It was also to produce that first batch of color reversal film:

"The reward levels are priced to allow us to create this batch, ship it to you, and have enough left over to purchase the remaining machinery that is most crucial to our long-term success."
Ferrania themselves seem to indicate that the funds were meant to fund that first film batch. Not that it matters much, but just something to keep in mind when people say what the Kickstarter money was intended for. I mean seriously... if the money was meant for machinery, they could have just tried a GoFundMe campaign...

I'd love to see them succeed, especially if someday they can bring back some dead film formats like 126 and 127. But when they say "the factory is ours" and that basically all of their problems have been solved and that they'll be in continuous production by Fall 2018........

It just makes me wonder, due to their past history, what is the problem now? How long can you keep your Kickstarter promise going?
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