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Originally Posted by taemo View Post
I've come to a conclusion that for IQ, it all depends on your final output.
For my large prints (16x20 and higher), IQ is very important and to achieve that I use a high MP camera (42MP Sony A7RIII) and lenses that can resolve it.

However, for social media or printing 8x10 photo books I actually find smaller sensors are more than capable. I've done 8x10 prints of photos taken with my iphone that I'm proud of.

Right now I'm exploring photography using P&S cameras, I purchased an Olympus Tough TG-5 (1/2.3" sensor size) as my daily/street camera as it is more rugged than my iphone and less intimidating than a more professional looking camera.
Indeed. Discussions about image quality are pointless unless you're also talking about final output. Pretty much anything can do a really nice A4 print and you don't have to spend a lot of money on a camera to get nice A3 and greater sized prints.

People who obsess over tech specs for camera are mostly gear heads who like to pixel peep with their eye pressed up to a monitor.
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