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Originally Posted by Huss View Post
It would be much louder. What would the benefit be? The SP shutter does not have a greater shutter speed range.
It's more durable, needs less maintenance and won't get burned by the sun.
My titanium curtained SP was VERY quiet, at least the equal to my M4. And much louder in the world of rangefinders isn't loud at all so it shouldn't make a difference anyway. I shoot mostly with a NIkon F2 or Konica T3, neither camera is known for its stealthy shutter, but the noise has never gotten in the way of shooting nor cost me a photo. If you're a professional photographer who shoots images of orchestra musicians during performances or works in the assembly chamber of the UN, maybe stealth is your thing but for almost every other person on the planet the difference between the characteristic of the sound of the SP and a Leica M shutter is really inconsequential. For that matter, the Leica is even too loud in good symphony halls. This is where the silent point and shoots like the Hexar prevail.

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