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Originally Posted by Bill Pierce View Post
Too bad simplicity costs so much more than complexity.

Your thoughts?
Originally Posted by jsrockit View Post
For me, Fuji has everything I liked about the Leica with everything I like about modern mirrorless.
I used Leica film bodies (more or less exclusively) for about decade. What I loved was that I could set the exposure manually and see what it was without bringing the camera to my eye and the viewfinder. I love seeing everything in focus, and then imagining what the scene will look like with a narrower plane of focus rather than the other way around. It makes it much easier to align background elements for example.

I'm also a minimalist. I don't like things too complicated. The Leica fit that brilliantly.

But, I'm not going to drop A$8000+ on a digital body. I'm a hobbyist with a young family, my money is better spent elsewhere.

After much deliberations I ended up with a Fuji x100F. I started looking at them when the original was announced, but it took me a while to make the leap. It ticks the boxes that the Leica ticked, without the additional stuff required for film (I don't like stuff in my life). I have the focus decoupled from the shutter, so I can effectively set the focus and shoot away without it changing. I can manually focus it, and the viewfinder is excellent bright, and contains the information I want and nothing extra. In short, "Fuji has everything I liked about the Leica" with some additional things that make it easier to get what I want. I don't go into the menu, and the back buttons stay locked. Easy. Simple. Cheap.
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