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Originally Posted by Rob-F View Post
I think of a camera as the photographer's violin. And while some believe that Stradivarius is "the best," others know that some players (Sarah Chang, for example) must use a Guarnari Del Gesu, because it will do what they need it to, and the Strad won't. Hilary Hahn is similar. She uses a French copy of the Guarnarius. Either of them could have a Strad if it were right for them. So I think this same idea applies to cameras. If a Leica were the right instrument for a given photographer, as it often is, they will probably eventually get one. But some shooters will do better with something else; and I can easily believe that the "something else" will often be a Fuji.
The magic is done by the user.

I remember the late Chet Atkins saying that others told him in a dressing room after a live performance on stage, "it must be great to be the owner of many prototype Gretsch guitars that he had some input in their design and that might account for his great tone and skill on the instrument".

Which caused Chet to place his guitar on a chair by its self and answered the questioner, " How does it sound now?"
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