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Too bad simplicity costs so much more than complexity
I am not sure this is really true. I did use a clearly quite complex camera for some time (Olympus E-M1). For Olympus novices, menus are a nightmare to work with.

The thing is: if you take the time and understand the options and degrees of freedom the camera gives you, it can be configured to your specific needs really well.

Focussing and exposure correction can be made super intuitive (in my example with the E-M1) - no reason to ever dive into menus. It just means that the same camera used be someone else may actually be configured so differently, that you find it hard to operate it.

Modern cameras are often built as fit-all-tools. There are now so much more people using advanced cameras. Products are mostly judged by how much they have on board. Hello youtube. We can always make the option loaded camera a specialised tool in a lot of the cases.
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