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I think simplicity in sophisticated tools is an interesting topic (examples of hammers and needs not quite work here). There are digital cameras without a screen. It that simplification or complication? For some the former, for some the latter. I can feel this "getting out of the way" thing with the Olympus I mentioned earlier as well as any of my rangefinders, but it is specific to the task.
Simplicity often in the end leads to reduction, thus to specialisation. As long as your tool matches your photographic problem, you will be fine.
I do like Bauhaus, and generally simple design. Companies in their fear to loose short term market share start to over-listen to influencers and customers. This then leads cameras without a straight concept. My only point actually is: with some cameras it does not matter so much - you can actually tailor them once to make them your concept. But that's just operational. The soul gets attracted by tactile feel, body looks and prestige (why would we think this can be different). Leicas excel in this.
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