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The Huff is not the problem. The problem is Voigtlander and their bizarre design of this lens. I mean, once they produced what looks like very, very good optics for a 35/2, how freaking hard could it have been to house the glass in a modest, all black, symmetrical barrel design with a focus tab instead of a poxy stick? Hell, even 7 Artisans managed a decent design for their 35/2, albeit with a truly hideous typeface used in the branding. If Voigtlander put out such a package with what looks like incredible glass for the price to performance ratio, they would have killed the desire for the expensive Summicron ... except for the dentists. But instead, like their 50/3.5 Heliar and the 50/1.5 Nokton, they put out great glass in hideous bodies with awful ergonomics. Wetzlar never made it look so easy ... even if any designer with a decent eye can tell you to avoid the faux vintage look and just keep it simple stupid.
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