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Originally Posted by Phil_F_NM View Post
Instax is a red herring. There are no less than a dozen Fujifilm Instax cameras on at any one time. These are those that actually make it to the auction side of the charity. There are countless others sitting on shelves and in bins at every other charity shop as well. This shows that Instax is not a huge force but just the next shiny thing that someone will try for one pack of film then relegate to donation. Want a $50 instant camera for $10? I'll point you to five of them any day of the week.
Phil Forrest
Phil, I am slightly inclined to agree with you, but I also have to wonder how many of those are there because of the shoddy workmanship (and indeed, I've rarely found any camera gear at Goodwill that is actually functioning, sadly). My SO has gone through two Instax cameras whose retractible lenses jammed, but still loves the format. She's on to a Lomoinstant now and it's surprisingly holding up.

I also want to peg it as a short-lived fad, like anything else sold at Urban Outfitters, but the format has been gaining steam for two decades now, Impossible Project licensed/purchased the Polaroid name, and there's been rumblings of a pack film revival for a few years. I don't know if it'll stick around for another two decades, but it's at least outlived Disc Film. Can't say I haven't been tempted to buy one of the Lomography models.
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