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Originally Posted by Peter Wijninga View Post
Because it's not much fun making pictures with a phone. And, as you know, high-end phones sales -with enhanced camera capabilities, are tanking.
I agree. I'm only up to an iPhone 7, but the shutter lag on that thing reminds me of ca 2000 point and shoots. They are also hard to hold securely. The output is nice though, and I agree that they are perfectly fine for 99% of folks who just want a no hassle photo.

It will be interesting to see whether camera production reaches equilibrium before it is totally uneconomic for any manufacturer to continue. There are still blacksmiths and farriers, but my guess is that the breakeven point to manufacture what they need in the way of tools and materials is a lot lower than making cameras and film.

I'm an old man. my cameras will likely outlast me, and I think black and white film will still be made as long as I can still use it. After me, the deluge! ;-)
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