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Originally Posted by Ted Striker View Post
The latest camera sales numbers are in and the bloodletting that the industry has been undergoing the past several years shows no signs of letting up. There's still a massive contraction in the camera market with revenues down severely. Something has *got* to give.

What is going to save the traditional camera industry? Can it be saved?
  • Canon down 23%
  • Sony down 7%
  • Nikon down 21%
  • Fujifilm down 3%
  • Olympus down 24%
  • Ricoh (Pentax) up 4%
  • Overall camera shipments (CIPA) were down 25% in dollars
  • Overall lens shipments (CIPA) were down 13% in dollars
Just my opinion of course, but I think a really great camera or three, and perfect lenses to go with them, delivered and marketed professionally from Nikon (for instance) won't do much to diminish the 21% figure you cite. The pie is simply getting smaller for the industry, and it's likely that a complete re-think of their core business is in order (and hopefully underway).

Aiming to compete with phones is problematic; innovating around the phone crisis is where the action is. I'm sure there are talented product development and marketing analysts working on the what comes next problem, from inside or outside the companies listed. It's a rich project because the companies have so much history and talent to leverage in new directions.

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