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Originally Posted by Phil_F_NM View Post
I just don't understand the reason to buy what is basically a catalog with one person's opinion. I suppose they appeal to collectors.
Phil Forrest

After having read his blog discursions and his lens analyses on and off for three or four years now, and having found them to be educational and occasionally thought provoking, and almost vital as a source for information helpful in making buying decisions when evaluating different Leica lens iterations, I am guessing this will be more akin to an encyclopedia than a catalog. Itís true that, outside of the lens data, most of what he writes is just one personís opinion, his, but he has an analytical and wide ranging mind, which seems to me sharper than most, so thereís that.
People familiar with his writing either enjoy it or donít, and buy his books accordingly. Personally, I find him more interesting than most, and donít mind his tendency to indulge in discussions which might occasionally seem longer than absolutely necessary, so I ordered a copy, as it sounded like a fairly comprehensive and up to date summation. A present to myself. Weíll see.
Apparently these shipped last week.

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