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Originally Posted by aizan View Post
By emotional support, I don't mean saying congratulatory things like that. I had a basic idea of its definition, but it looks like doctors define it in different ways:

For examples, I'd point to all of those self-help articles like:
The author of the learned article quoted is over analysing. To a significant extent it is based on trust. Trust that the other person "has your back" and is empathetic. It is one thing to show concern, give advice give positive affirmations. It is entirely another thing to mean it. What's the old saying "Its all about sincerity. And once you can fake it you have it made" Usually we learn to work out if someone is sincere or just "going through the motions" for the sake of appearance.

But as to the specific issue of support on this forum, I think there is support here at least as much as I can reasonably expect from a bunch of folk who have not met each other and who are united only by a sense of common interest in a hobby. For example I recently revealed that I have had some health problems and one member unexpectedly contacted me by private message to wish me well. I did not expect that but I knew him to be a nice guy and his expression of concern to be genuine and so I valued it. But for the most part I have to say that coming to RFF is therapy in and of itself for - me at least. Nothing else is needed.
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