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earlier I had presented the preset Takumar and the Super Multi Coated Takumar f2.8/105 ( post 185 and 203 ), which are the earliest and latest versions of f2.8/105mm Takumars

once again these two lenses:

Takumar 105mm f2.8
by andreas, on Flickr

Super Multi Coated Takumar 105mm f2.8 set
by andreas, on Flickr

and there two more versions that came in between, first the Auto Takumar:

Auto Takumar f2.8/105mm
by andreas, on Flickr

by andreas, on Flickr

and the Super Takumar f2.8/105 whose body looks identical with that of the Super Multi Coated:

Untitled by andreas, on Flickr

first taken with Pentax K-x, second with Pentax *istDs ( both APS-C sensor )
my photos on flickr: :
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