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Sorry, no accompanying photos, but I do have a couple or three Taks that I acquired with purchases of cameras. I have tried them and find them good performers. I don't think they are as good as my Fujinons nor my one Contax 50mm f/1.4. But my Fujinons and the Contax were purchased new. I know how they have been handled. Since I can't say the same for the Takumars, to say the are good performers is a big compliment.

I did not find them as contrasty as the Contax (which was almost too contrasty), and they "painted" differently than the Fujinons, with the Fujinons more to my liking. I don't know if that is because I used the Fujinons before the Takumars.

All in all, if Takumars were all I had, I am sure I would still be a happy picture taker.
nice to see all the photos accompanying this thread. All good!
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