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I know it's just a bit of pot stirring fun, but the article rings (mostly) true for me.

Pretty... I find the M2 the most elegant Leica from an industrial design perspective. None of the M3's clunky bevels, none of the M4's slanted rewind or plastic bits, none of the M5's shoebox aesthetic, and none of the M6's fiddly battery door or (shock horror) obnoxious red dot. Even the frame counter looks good.

Viewfinder, well I shoot 28mm. End of story.

Price, not a big difference, but not interested in paying more for a camera that is less (for me).

Hipsterdom/not an M3. I'm not convinced by this point. The hipsters are shooting Yashica RF's and AE1's. Only a Leicaphile is going to pick the difference between an M3/2 on the street...

Originally Posted by WJJ3 View Post
c'mon, the argument is irrelevant because nobody who buys a Leica is going to have only one Lecia.
Just the one for me. Oddly enough Leica has been my anti-GAS - my M2 is perfect and I've never felt the need for anything else/more. Pentax on the other hand, they just seem to breed in my cupboard...
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