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Originally Posted by Beemermark View Post
VF magnification doesn't impact focusing accuracy. Focusing accuracy is dictated by the distance between the beam splitters -which is the same for all M series.

VF magnification doesn't help you focusing. The RF patch is same size and aligning the split image is again independent of magnification.

But finally we all know the M4 was the best.
I don't believe this is accurate. All things being equal, the larger the viewfinder mag on a manual camera, the easier to focus. But as a practical matter, they both have sufficient viewfinder magnification for most purposes.

Having owned both an M3 and multiple 0.72 Ms, ranging from M4 to M7, it really is a toss up, and "best" (for you) really depends on your main focal lengths.

"Better" relative to an SLR is probably the 0.72 Ms, because shooting a wide-angle on a rangefinder is really where the advantage lies.

What do I now though. Just sold my last M (an M3).
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