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Originally Posted by Glen851 View Post
Thanks guys.
Are there any recommendations/cautions regarding the Leica II or III series of cameras?
Both specific models II or III are great Leicas, if you want to go super minimalist and no hassle of slow shutter speeds, the II is the way to go, but generally they sell for more money and are usually a bit older and can be in black paint, which will up the price.
The II does not have the 1.5x magnification in the RF and no diopter adjustment on the RF. Some folks like the direct normal view 1:1 RF magnification or lack of it in this case.

If you mean II as the IIc or IIf, these are stronger modular built models (some say easier to repair too) than the pure crate built Oskar Barnack designs like the I, II , lll, llla and lllb but these later models are as feature packed as the IIIc and IIIf, they just lack the slow shutter speeds, these are not as common as the IIIc and IIIf and may sell for more money now.

I found the RF mirror on pre war Leica models held up better than on the post war models but YMMV, as these are nearing 90 years in age and usually it should be replaced by now for optimum performance, along with a pro CLA if you intend to regularly use these cameras.
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