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Originally Posted by xayraa33 View Post
Interesting top-loader bridge on the guitar, as befits a Campilongo model.
Has it got the holes thru body and ferrules for through body stringing as an option?

On the vintage Tele and Esquire models Leo Fender introduced the top-loader bridge in late 1958 to the middle of 1959 and it was not very popular, so he reverted the two models back to their original stringing method.

Yep, you can string it either way. I prefer the top-loader; springier and slinkier.

Jim's '59 toploader is a real thing of beauty, and this Hahn does it justice, without being a copy. And at $200.00US less than an American Vintage Tele (or whatever Fender is calling it this year.), it's an insane bargain. I love it.
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