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Originally Posted by raid View Post
Would a SL2 do anything special with M lenses, Cal, or is the SL sufficient?
Nothing that more pixels wouldn't do, in my opinion. What else could the SL2 possibly do that the SL doesn't when the carefully made Leica lens profiles offered for M and R lenses allow them to image with just about the exact same beauty that they did on the cameras they were originally designed for?

Operationally, the SL2 couldn't do anything that the SL doesn't already unless they included a rangefinder cam linkage in the mount adapter that fed the focus distance display and maybe the automatic focus aids, but that would be a matter of the adapter rather than the lenses themselves.

I loved my SL, one of the very finest cameras I've ever owned. But I moved to the CL body a year and some ago as it suits what I do now, post-retirement, better than the SL body. Simpler, smaller, lighter, and the smaller format has some advantages for what I do with the camera. Regardless, I look forward to seeing what Leica provides with the SL2 body.

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