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Originally Posted by Canyongazer View Post
Guess beauty is in eye of the beholder, kinda like the R8/9...

It looks good and, as a guess, it will feel good in the hands, too, a sometimes undervalued consideration.[/quote]

My SL is slightly bigger than a M, but the glass is both big and heavy. The weathersealing is a big deal and will spoil you. I have shot in heavy rain where I would have left an M at home.

In real life, over the years, I still just have the single OEM battery and never bought a spare. Meanwhile with a M I carry at least one spare battery and at times two.

I found this black rubber bracelet that has the word "Monster" printed on it for some VIP event. I put it on my 50 Lux-L to honor my friend John who calls my big and heavy cameras "Monsters."

While I do see many M-bodies "in the wild" here in NYC, it is very rare that I will see a SL. Not a popular camera. Mucho much bigger and heavier than a M.

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