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Originally Posted by Freakscene View Post
DD-X and TMax/RS are nothing like Xtol, chemically or tonally.
I don't think Chris is saying they are the same as Xtol:

Originally Posted by Chriscrawfordphoto View Post
DDX and Kodak Tmax Developer have similar properties to each other. They're not identical in properties to Xtol . . .
I think he's just suggesting they are a good choice in a liquid developer. I use them myself, for pushing and for Ilford Delta films. I like DD-X for increasing shadow detail, similar to what Xtol does. It seems similar to Ilford Microphen, which I also use from time to time. (But Xtol seems closest to a "free lunch," because of the way it minimizes grain and maximizes film speed and acutance, all in one developer!)
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