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Originally Posted by [email protected]
Well, I don't know why but when I fill the frame with an 18% grey card, and EV comp set to 0, it exposes it about 1 2/3 to 2 stops high, over exposed. It does this at any focal setting and any ISO and with all my lenses. I wonder if something could have happened to throw the meter off or could it have come to me not properly calibrated? It would be cool if firmware allowed provision for callibrating the meter to your own personal setting. Would this be something that could be done relatively easily back at Leica? I could just live with it but I just don't like investing so much for a camera when it is not quite right. Yes I could leave the EV set to -2 stops but then I have only one stop more if I have a situation where I need a couple stops down in compensation. Hey, I guess I do have 5 instead of just three stops up for + compensation.
maybe its the grey card? have you tried testing the same shot one with grey card and one just exposing on your subject?
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