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maybe not but I relate much to your experience. I have both rd1 och leica m and I found that I didn't get what I wanted from digital b&w due lack of dynamic range and pretty uggly pattern of noise and grain. This was clearly not better alternative to Trix with D76. But time consuming of developing films left me still undecided if I can get rid of digital stuffs. Probably not that I'm gonna abandon the digital arena but I see the digital medium as good choice to fool around and learn how to take better pictures after instant feedback in the lcd screen of camera or a computer. M8 sounds much nicer alternative to DSLR for professional use and this still can compete with Canon 1ds by judging quality of prints. I also owned nikon DSLR and I find the bulkiness of DSLR too big everytime. Olympus offerings have come close to OM classic body and Nikon fm2.

I'd feel glad to be able use expensive M mount lenses on not only on "hobby" cameras, also future digital or professional tools. So it is wise to mantain same system as possible if other applications don't require another system.

100% leica optics. Serious photographer needs only one lens. Really? Yes,im serious. LESS is MORE. It is not possible to bend that truth how much you want. Whether you're 80 years old or young chap, before or later you come to the insight. Stop FONDLERY!
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