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I shoot both, about equally, professionally.

I think digital is great, I do often take more risks and shoot more frames, but digital is not always the right fit. The fact you can see it right away can be very distracting and break up my way of seeing and assessing light.

With film, I make the judgement call, frame it, wait for the right moment, click and then move on to the next frame.....that is the key thing, with film, I make the current image and then I move on. I have faith in what I just did and don't even feel the need to chimp.

There is no right or wrong, worse or better, there is simply another option in photographic history.

One thing I have noticed is that the quality of images I see has not grown at the same rate that digital has taken the photography world. I see a ton more mediocrity because that is the limit of the user. The new fangled digital camera is not actually helping them to see better, just quicker.

So while your friend might be right in that if you are so enamored in the process of film that it might be preventing you from seeing more connectedly, the very same thing could be said if digital.

For every time you look at the back of the digital camera, it points your head downward, away from the world, the moment and the life that you live and places you in the past, not the present that will give you the best opportunities for meaningful images.
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