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Originally Posted by Roger Hicks
Dear Steve,

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but, um... M8?

Though for black and white, well, I'd stick with film (as I do).

Edit: Then again, I'm no believer in 'Empty Mind' in photography. Buddhist practice, yes. Photography... no. And in any case, I strongly suspect that hating the camera you're using is completely incompatible with 'empty mind' anyway.


Hello Roger,

The M8 has crossed my mind more than once. The cost still scares me though.

I am curious though about the Empty Mind not being compatible with photography. Seems as if a visual release could be beneficial. I just finished reading Walter Isaacson's biography of Albert Einstein and it seemed obvious that Einstein sort of lived a non-stop Empty Mind approach that allowed him to see things others could not.

When I look at my personal photos I can see a repeating of things. I just can't get my head emptied of "this is good composition, this is worth shooting, Cartier-Bresson already did this, blah and blah..."

I do appreciate the feedback though.
Steve Williams
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