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Originally Posted by KM-25
For every time you look at the back of the digital camera, it points your head downward, away from the world, the moment and the life that you live and places you in the past, not the present that will give you the best opportunities for meaningful images.
Love this paragraph !!! Why do poeple immediately feel the urge to check the picture they have just taken with their digital toy ? Keep focussing on your subject and take another shot. When you shoot film you also can't check it before development.

I got myself a Lumix LZ7 just for some documentation purpose where it's really incovinient to wait until the film is exposed and developed. And this little toy is just that, a toy, gadget that is full of features that had me cracking up [Baby 1 , Baby 2 scene modes with automatic age display once you did the programming of the birthdates: ROFL-MBO] For the purpose I bought it for it's a great value for money ($129 +S&H). But not for taking pictures to capture the decisive moment - that will be gone during the shutter lag anyway .

There clearly is a perceivable difference in the barrier before you press the shutter. This is of course much lower because you just fire away and may delete 95% later. With film you are more careful, more observant and you may ask yourself. Do I have to take this shot? - Maybe not. You make a selective decision before the shot not afterwards.

Maybe you are more "empty" with a digital camera but for me that would be unselectively sucking up everything infront of the lens/sensor/memory chip. I prefer being open but selective with film.
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