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Originally Posted by dreilly
My recommendation would be to get a nice cheap fixed lens rangefinder
There is value in this comment. At first I considered it to be rather flippant (sorry) but I realize that is isn't.

When I was about 15 I was given a cheap 35mm rangefinder, I think a Supra. The lady at the store where I bought it had to show me how to load film and how to figure out exposure etc. I knew nothing, absolutey nothing.

I really enjoyed that camera and I used it 'til I was 21. I think I took some of my best work, in many ways, back then because I had no expectations of myself or the camera. I didn't consider the limitations of my camera or my abilities, I just went blindly on and did what I did.

Later I got well caught up in the gear aquisition, what are the good lenses, the best films, bodies and all that. My photography really suffered.

What has stayed with me is the realization that to free my mind it is helpful to be totally comfortable with my tools whatever they may be. Because of this I've stayed with the film cameras I've owned for so long. I don't have to second guess technology I can just work with what I know.
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