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Originally Posted by Q-Zone View Post
That's the method I prefer aswell - Thanks for the link ZeissFan, the pictures are a lot clearer than my explanation above.

I used my Hasselblad with the waist level finder and the magnifier - worked perfect for infinity targeting.

Now is there a similar easy way to confirm if the intermediate distances (eg. 3', 5', 10' etc...) are also spot on? I tried the same approach by setting the focus on my Hassy at 10' and seeing if the rangefinder targeted at that, but it was just a blur in the viewfinder.

i like that method as well, it acurate, easy and you dont have to take the camera outside to find distant objects ect..and for coupled rangefinder not much else is needed..but for scale focus i find its easy , after colimating the way mentioned, to then check the short distances with GG measured excatly and if need be alter the scale a few mm to be exact--it doesnt matter if the infinity scale is out a few mm and usualy there isnt any exact mark for it anyway
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