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Originally Posted by Michael Markey View Post
Yep . I know Mick .
It`s just that sometimes I get tired of the " is Leica worth it , can`t cameras be simpler , film /digital threads ".
Its a photography forum , photographers are supposed to have a little imagination when instead it`s like bloody groundhog day around here sometimes.
For what it's worth we were having the same silly arguments back in the days before the internet.
I was selling cameras at Altman's in Chicago back in the early 70's and this "discussion" came periodically among the sales staff. I was there when Leica brought out the M5, you should have heard the noise! You would have thought it was the end of world for the Leica purest camp. At the time I was with the 'Leica is overpriced jewelry' camp, being young and stupid. Having aged (grumpy old man stage of life) I'm more in agreement with Godfrey's 'Who the hell cares' attitude. Like he said, it's their money, they can spend it however they like.
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