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Rangefinder lenses to Sony A7II
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Cool Rangefinder lenses to Sony A7II

So I'm sitting here waiting impatiently for FedEx to deliver what B&H promises to be a functional Leica M to Sony E mount lens adapter. The A7II camera and 28-70 lens arrived a month ago. Along with the Canon FD and what was supposed to be the Leica M adapter. Alas, a massive web ordering foul up in the B&H computers sent TWO Leica M to Fuji X adapters.
In the meantime I am really enjoying the Sony A7II and my assortment of Canon FD & FDn lenses.
Theoretically, on Friday next, I will finally be able to use my Konica, 28mm & 35mm, Leica, 50mm & 90mm, Nikkor 50mm & Canon 135mm lenses on the Sony A7II camera.
No doubt that I will be back with questions.
For now I am keeping busy with Canon 24, 35 (2 total), 50 (I've lost count) primes and a couple of zooms that cover from 24 to 200mm.
Saving up my pennies for a Pentax 6x7 to Sony E-mount adapter.
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